Seeing as how my Hogwarts letter is a bit belated in arriving (though I haven’t given up hope), I took matters into my own hands. When I originally looked at my schedule, I thought; “3 science classes? I need something to take the edge off.” Well, who wouldn’t be more relaxed with a little magic in the mix? Plus, a little History of Magic could really help me when I get to wizarding school.

When I walked in, the professor informed us that we were all very ill prepared students. “Where are your brooms and cauldrons?” She asked. Shoot, my first day of being a witch in preparation for Hogwarts and I’m already failing.

When she handed out a syllabus- it informed us we had to write two papers that would be worth a total of 50% of our grade. Ready to hear the topics? The first essay, we must describe and analyze any spell or charm used in the middle ages, and give the reasons and for its uses, as well as its intended effect. I only wish I had a feather “auto correct” quill and a spare piece of parchment to write it on. *sigh* One day.

The other topic I picked was “Write an essay on the modern practice of sorcery in Sri Lanka.” Think that will be my next trip? That owl carrying my Hogwarts letter better hurry.

Then we started by talking about the evil eye. Apparently, the evil eye cast its rays upon those that were vulnerable to it (mostly kids). The Rays of disease/disabling causing energy was brought upon by envy. In order to deter that, you must wear an amulet to distract the eyes of the witch and therefore avoid the harm of the evil gaze. The professor also explained to us that the presence of the evil eye is why in Greece, people may spit on you or your children when they see you. It’s supposed to mean, “I’m not casting my evil eye” and “I mean you no harm”.  So get ready for some wet greetings when I get home 😉

Also, tip of the week, you should avoid blue-eyed people (don’t worry, it’s only day one of being a witch, I’m not sure how to bring out the evil eye yet)- apparently blue eyed beauties more commonly possess the evil eye. Oh and make sure you flush away all your hair from the hair brush, and all your nail clippings, because witches can use those things to perform spells on you. It has to do with the theory that says “what affects a part, affects the whole.”

I shall keep you all updated on further ways to protect yourselves from the evils of magic.

On a different note, something unexpected happened today in my first physics lecture. Don’t worry- I’m not going to summarize something fantastic about the physical world (snore…zZzzz), but I have to give you a little background information first.  We’ll get back to this later.

A few days ago, we had international student orientation- that I can summarize in one word: snoozefest. Anyway, while I was waiting for the speaker to let us disburse, a guy winked at me. Full on, open mouth, head turned to the side,  squinty eye winked at me. What was going on? I promptly looked away deciding that a rather large bug must have flown into his eye. When the lecture was FINALLY over, I went to dinner, where again, I saw winky winkerson, and he did a fairly obvious head role in my general direction. Another bug flying around his head? I’m not inclined to think so.

After discussing the instances with my mom, we decided there are only a few types of people that would do this: a) players, b) desperate people, or c) he was probably gay (not because you have to be gay make a silly pass at someone, just because I tend to attract the attention of gay men). Either way- he was not someone I was going to be interested in (unless he was gay in which case, we could be best friends). Anyway- after that I started to refer to him as “Creepy guy”. A day later- I walked by him, alone, and he did a double eye brow raise. Whoa. definitely not a bug. I must be smokin’…maybe a little too smoking’ (*cough cough* creepy professor), but we already knew that 😀

So, back to physics today. As we were all sitting there  listening (kinda), in walks Creepy head nodding double eye brow raising winky winkerson (also about 40 minutes late to a 50 minute lecture….snazzy). What in the world were the chances of that happening? A campus with 8,000 students and he, of all people, is in physics with me. Even worse, we made eye contact…. for more than 5 seconds.  So, now not only do I know that we have a class together, Creepy head nodding double eye brow raising snazzy winky winkerson also knows we have a class together. My mom was a tad upset when I told her the news, Alyssa on the other hand assured me that creepy people keep life interesting. Think we should be lab partners? *Wedding bells sound in the distance*

Anyway, speaking of creepy men- I got my grades back from Ghana. Passed everything! Not necessarily with flying colors but when you consider the encounter with a backward professor, a missing paper, horrid lab grades, meaningless lectures, and a whole lot of frustration- it’s almost better than I had hoped! Two Bs and Two Cs….Looks like I’m going to have some work to do this semester- but nothing a little magic won’t be able to fix. Sri Lanka, Here I come!