Last weekend, my new friends and I decided it was finally time to venture out. We have been in Palmy for about 2 weeks and it is as fabulous as a college town can get, but there is not much to do here except to go class and do your homework- so…. I guess if you are into that sort of thing it’s like heaven- however I prefer activities that involve some adrenaline pumping in my veins. So, we decided Wellington would be out next destination-it’s the capital of New Zealand, and only two hours away- it’s the perfect weekend getaway.

Traveling here is much different than Ghana- for one, you have to make a reservation for a place to stay, and second, public transportation leaves on time….and if you want to visit any kind of festival you have to arrange tickets in advance.  I don’t know if that’s more or less stressful to be honest- we had to run pretty quick to catch our bus….but we also knew we were going to have a place to stay that night (although a guy at a bar offered me his place…but we had already paid for the hostel so I said maybe some other time 😉 –just kidding mom). Anyway, we made a reservation at a youth Hostel in Wellington and off we went.  I even got to sit next to a cutie on the bus…although I didn’t talk to him…scary.

When we arrived at the hostel, I felt like I was living a life of luxury again. I mean…there were no holes in the walls, no water damage, no strange scent that lingered, no wiggly ceiling fans, clean sheets and mattresses, pillows, flushed clean toilets…..all I remember thinking was “I get all this for $23 a night?” I mean, they even had warm showers and working lights. Incredible! After that we ventured out to have a look at the night life. Mom, I would not suggest reading the entirety of the next couple paragraphs…and Dad too for that matter.  I will start the next paragraph that you are allowed to read with all capital letters. Everyone else can feel free to continue reading, but I ask that you do not repeat the story within a 100 meter radius of my Mom and Dad.

We wanted to find some live music, so we started asking around for the best place- everyone suggested Molly Malone’s- an Irish pub. No sooner than when I walked in did the fun start. I was nervous about what was going to happen because I just turned 21…in Ghana…so I haven’t really been out much because 1. I have been hanging out at home with my mom and 2. Most of my friends aren’t 21. The girls I were with were also a bit nervous, so I, being brave thought back to a new year’s resolution Alyssa and I made. We decided that this was the year for us to be bold bitches, but classy of course (sorry about the swearing mom- I did tell you not to read this paragraph). So this was my night, I was going to be fun and outgoing and be bold about it.

Three feet into the bar, I had already lost my friends, when a lady pulled me aside and asked if I was a tourist. I said yes, then she screamed “Yay!” and asked me to be in her picture for her scavenger hunt. Cool. I found my friends a bit later, when another lady asked me if I was Irish. I told her no, then she got really excited and said she was on a scavenger hunt and had to convince me that she was Irish, and it had to be done on video. So, I agreed and asked her about Leprechauns and she convinced me she was Irish. After we passed her, we went to the quietest corner of the pub and sat a table.

None of knew what to order, so we decided we would has a bar tender for a nice beer, I mean, we were in an Irish pub. However, we never really got to the counter because two guys came up and started talking to us. They were pretty weird- but entertaining for sure. The guy talking to me asked where I was from- I said California and he said, “I can tell by the god awful accent.” I thought, wow is this how guys hit on girls- it’s not as great as I thought? Then he asked me why I wasn’t wearing a bikini. Ummm….because I’m in a bar…it’s raining…i am more of a one piece kind of person…is there really any reason I should be wearing a bikini? I responded by saying “is that even allowed?”  He replied by saying “If you are as beautiful as you are, it’s always allowed”. I love pick up lines (I mean that one was weird, but hey- A for effort). I don’t know what I would have done if he had said something like “You’re so hot, you denature my proteins.” I mean…I may have thought he could have been “the one”.

He then asked me what I am studying, and I told him Microbiology and he said “Oh my mom’s a microbiologist!” I started laughing and he got all offended that I didn’t believe him. He then said we would be super compatible because he was a plumber….?…..He explained that I could “study his shit.” Uh yeah…that’s…. great…(I’m quoting mom, so it’s Ok to swear this time….and you really shouldn’t be reading this).

Next, he told me he was from England. I said, Oh my gosh, My mom is from England. Then I got all offended because he didn’t believe me. (it was also at this point that I realized I could make up whatever story I wanted- I can’t wait to go out again hehe) We ended up concluding that part of the conversation by him explaining that he was from south England I was from North England, and we all know that opposites attract….however I am not sure about this case.

A little bit later he asked me if I dance. Um yes I dance. Alone. And sometimes (though rarely) with others….. usually with people who don’t say we are compatiable because I can study their shit. I told him that I don’t dance, but I wanted to see his dancing. My friend asked him if he could moon walk. He told me he would show us, but it would cost me a kiss. Hell, I had got in this far so why not?…Hmmm…is this how I get myself into sticky situations? Turns out he can moonwalk.

He then asked me if I had a place to stay for the night- and I responded “Yeah, I’m staying at a hostel.” He then stared at me wide eyed and said “Haven’t you seen the movie Hostel?” I laughed, and he told me not to worry, I could just drive him home. I told him I would be helpless at driving because “you guys all drive on the wrong side of the road.” We argued, and soon after, he and his weird side kick left after giving us their numbers….not that we asked.

After they finally left, we ordered our beers (oh that’s the other things, here it’s not customary for men to by girls drinks- major bummer), talked for a bit, and stood up to leave- I mean, us party animals could not imagine staying out passed midnight. My friends walked ahead, and I soon lost them AGAIN. Another man told me if I wanted to pass I had to be in his picture…Ok, sounds good. After a smile and a click he proclaimed that “He loved my titties.” I smiled, awkwardly, and pushed my way through to find my friends… and then made mad eye contact with a guy that had dreads. So cute, but it was midnight, and we had a lot to do the next day so we left….and I would have been too scared to talk to someone I actually thought was cute anyway.


Unfortunately, we picked the weekend that there was due to be a major storm to visit Wellington, so all of our activities from then on had to be indoor things. We went to a fantastic museum and saw a Moari band as well as some traditional moari dancing. We paid to see and exhibit called “Unveiled, 200 years of wedding fashion.” You know, mostly so I could get ideas for the big and upcoming day. And then we walked around downtown. Wellington is a really cool place- a lot like San Francisco.

The next day we went to a place called Zelandia. A seriously cool sanctuary that they call a “500 year project” in which they wish to take out all of the invading species and return it into a place where only native plants and animals live. We hiked up to some beautiful look out points and got to see some really cool birds. One day, I want to go back and do the night tour so I can see all the Kiwi birds running around.

Upon my visit, I also found out they also do weddings =D –seriously, if you look at all the signs, it was just meant to be. I now have a venue, ideas for a dress, and someone to preform the ceremony (and considering the night I had when I went out- I could probably find a groom). Just to be on the safe side, I would start making some deposits into the “Abby’s wedding fund account!”